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Chosen as the best unit of the country’s textile and carpet industry group in 1400

شرکت برتر صنایع منسوجات و فرش ماشینی کشور در سال 1400

Kerman Desert Almas Carpet Company was chosen as the top unit in the country’s textile and machine carpet industry group, and the company was awarded a plaque and a commemorative statue that was held on the National Day of Industry and Mining.

Mohammadreza Inteziri, CEO of the company, said about the reasons for this success:

The evaluation indices were accompanied by changes in 1400 and “Production statistics”, “Sales rate”, “Employment number”, “Financial turnover” and “Product export rate” were considered by the jury as evaluation indicators of the top units of the country’s machine carpet industry. took

We congratulate the entire Kerman desert diamond production complex for this success and wish more and more success for all industry owners in our dear country.

And also, we sincerely appreciate your companionship and support, dear people. Almas Kavir gained meaning and meaning with you

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