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Almas Kavir Carpet

Kerman Desert Diamond Carpet Company was opened in October 2005 with the motive of creating employment on the one hand and reviving the original pattern of Kerman carpets, whose beauty is famous and common and adorns the world's art museums, on the other hand. The day and night of the founders and the love for production and employment, which was intertwined with Taro Pood, the colleagues of the collection, this company succeeded in bringing its first products to the market in the summer of 2006, taking advantage of the art of traditional carpet design pioneers and the possibilities and capabilities of mechanized design of the carpet map that In the design unit of Almas Desert Carpet Company in Kerman, together with the use of the most up-to-date technology and the most modern carpet machines and the observance of the most advanced standards in the world, the company; products have been welcomed by consumers with taste and elegance. The activities of the company will expand day by day, including the successes that are the result of the hard work and empathy of the team's efforts in the past years.

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During the past years, Almas Kavir carpet has been recognized as the leading company in the machine carpet industry in the country and Kerman province, thanks to the opinion and company of good customers of the company.
  • Chosen as the top textile and clothing industry company in the country in 1400
  • Selection of the best industrial unit of Kerman province in 1401
  • Selection as the sample exporter of Kerman province in 1401
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