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about us Almas Kavir Kerman Carpet Company was opened in October 2005 with the motive of creating employment on the one hand and reviving the original pattern of Kerman carpets, whose beauty is famous and common and adorns the art museums of the world, on the other hand. The day and night of the founders and the love of production and employment, which was intertwined with warp and woof, the colleagues of the collection, this company succeeded in bringing its first products to the market in the summer of 2006, taking advantage of the art of the ancients of traditional carpet design and the possibilities and capabilities of mechanized carpet design that In the design unit of Almas Kavir Kerman Carpet Company, together with the use of the most up-to-date technology and the most modern carpet machines and the observance of the most advanced standards in the world, the company's products have been welcomed by consumers with taste and elegance. The activities of the company will expand day by day, including the successes that are the result of the hard work and empathy of the group's efforts in the past years, it should obtain the license to use the standard mark in the fall of 2006 and being selected as a model unit for the production of machine carpets in the winter of 2006 by The standard department pointed out, in the same year, the company officially became the Iranian Textile Industry Association. The selection of Almas Kavir Kerman Carpet Company as an exemplary entrepreneur in 2006 by the Department of Social Affairs and Superior Industrial Management in 2008 by Channel 3 of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, 14001 is one of the other achievements of the company, which shows the rapid movement of the company in the development of industry and job reduction in the region, receiving the ISO 9001 international standard certifications in quality management, environmental management, and OHSAS 18001 in occupational health and safety management during the summer of 2008 Is In addition, in 2008, due to the provision of appropriate laboratory and workshop facilities and equipment, and the use of skilled and capable personnel, a license to establish an R&D research and development unit was issued by the Department of Industries and Mines to the Almas Kavir Kerman Carpet Company. The construction and operation of the finishing department in a separate hall with an area of 2000 square meters and carrying out the finishing process with modern equipment, while improving the quality of the products, this company did not need to receive

finishing services from other companies. Currently, the company has an area of 16,000 square meters and an infrastructure of about 7,000 square meters, with the activity of 130 people who are interested in the company and a wide distribution and sales network with an experienced staff in the field of marketing and sales in the province and other places. The country is proud to be known as a reliable brand in the machine carpet industry and the first producer of this product in the southeastern region of the country. It is hoped that Almas Kavir Kerman Carpet Company will be determined to provide long-term benefits to customers and rely on the strength of expert forces. And the committed person can play his part in improving the dignity of Kerman carpets (or the countrys industry).

Iranian hand-woven and machine-made carpets are a symbol of the pride and luxury of every home, and its importers are considered to be among the elders and heads of countries. The Iranian handmade carpet market is very prosperous in the world. Using modern technology, Iranian machine-made carpets are proud of their hand-woven carpets in the world and have attracted many tastes with their beautiful designs and motifs. It is among the top 5 exporters in the world after China, Turkey, India, and Belgium in this industry. Until 1979, when the importance of carpet as a floor covering did not reach the following years, its import was ranked after India in terms of quantity, but it has always been at the top of the world in terms of quality, design, and pattern, and until Sanctions supply 90% of the carpets needed by the United States. But today, two countries, India and China, are able to take 70% of the American market and of course, the originality, quality, and beauty of Iranian machine-made carpets have made it impossible for any embargo to stand against the powerful symbol of Iranian authenticity. Therefore, Iranian carpets continued their way to the European market more than before and are still active in the international market. The use of modern technology and carpet weaving with the most up-to-date machines has resulted in the production of the highest quality and best machine-made carpets in the world. With the efforts and tact of its managers, Almas Kavir carpet company has been able to be among the first producers of 1500 reeds carpets in the world, and this is while many countries are still producing carpets with low reeds and density. Considering the carpet as a symbol of the people of Iran, by maintaining the quality and excellence in the production and finishing of the carpet, he has made all his efforts to be able to provide the best machine-made carpet both in the domestic market and in the international arena.

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Customer Orientation

Considering that the customer is the biggest asset of any organization. In the Almas Kavir customer club, customers who buy in cash are given a 5% cash discount. Also, in order to satisfy customers and provide convenience, we have established free delivery of carpets throughout the country.

In sync with today's technologies

Weaving machines and capable manpower lead to the production of handwoven carpets, which rely on this technology and the efforts of the forces to produce a quality product and have opened a special place in the machine carpet industry. And it has made the name of Almas Kavir store last for several decades.

The best raw materials

When entering the factory, raw materials are tested by quality control experts in the laboratory of Almas Kavir company, and if the quality is approved, they enter the carpet production halls. The priority of the company in choosing the raw materials is the quality of the materials.

unique design

Creativity is the main pillar of success. In Almas Kavir design team, an effort has been made to design carpets according to people’s taste and in sync with the world’s decoration, which has led to the production of a collection of collections with classic to modern structure.


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