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شرکت فرش الماس کویر

Almas Kavir carpet company was opened in September 2006, to create job opportunities and also to restore and revive traditional and original carpet designs. The efforts of the Almas founders caused enter of the first Almas carpet products into the Iranian market in the summer of 2007. The use of veteran designer’s art and the great potential of the design unit, as well as the use of the most advanced machines and the observance of international standards, made customers welcome these products. A lot of effort in quality products caused the production license to be issued in the fall of 2007 and winter of 2007, it was selected as the top machine-made carpet unit in Iran. Almas company was also selected as the entrepreneur of the year in 2007 and was selected as the top company in the field of industrial management in 2009. Also in 2009, Almas company received ISO 9001 international certifications in quality management, ISO 14001 in environmental management, ISO 18001 in occupational safety and health management. In 2009, the R&D unit was established due to the availability of laboratory and workshop equipment and its license was issued by the Department of Industry and Mining in Iran. In 2010, the finishing unit was established in a hall with an area of 2000 meters, which using modern equipment, the process of finishing the carpet vis done with the highest quality in the factory. At this time, in a space of 16000 meters and more than 200 employees inside and outside of the company, Almas company is proud to be known as a reputable brand in the machine-made carpet industry and the first and largest carpet manufacturer in the southeast of Iran. Almas Kavir Carpet Factory, as one of the largest manufacturers of machine-made carpets in Iran, has 14 years of experience in producing carpets with the highest quality. We are one of the world’s most proficient carpet manufacturers. We develop carpets and help customers to create outstanding flooring, where design and quality go hand in hand. Year after year. As Iranian hand-woven carpets are very famous around the world, the export of Iranian machine-made carpets is expanding, which has made Iran one of the top 5 exporting countries in the world, after China, Turkey, India, and Belgium. Before 1979, Iran ranked first in the world in terms of exports and quality, and before the sanctions, supplied more than 90% of the carpet to the United States, while today China and India have more than 70% of the American carpet market. Despite all these difficulties, Iranian carpets continue to compete in European and international markets due to their originality, quality, and unique beauty. Due to the efforts of its managers, Almas carpet company has been able to be one of the first manufacturers of 1500reeds carpets around the world. The eternal slogan of Almas company has been to offer the highest quality and provide the most beautiful products in the domestic and international market, for this reason, the entire members of Almas company work around the clock. Almas Carpet is proud to offer you a wide range of possibilities and high-quality products.

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