Machine Made Carpet Versailles Collection Code 4301 Gray


Versailles collection is a new development in the decorative and modern world

Product story
This collection is created by field research in domestic and foreign markets taking advantage of experienced of modern designs and market demands in 2022. The color selection of the Versailles collection, along with the selection of geometric, classic and traditional designs, and application of vintage technique has led to creation of an original feeling along with modern coloring.

Color & Design
One of the main features of this collection is the color palette with the presence of three shades of gray in a mixture of decorative colors of blue, gold, red, and etc., leading to creation of countless possibilities for living together in different spaces while attracting diverse tastes.

Versailles collection roadmap
Versaille collection in a different style to the world of designs and colors in the direction of the evolution of the industry in domestic and foreign market emerged by using geometric, classic and traditional designs suiting well in any space and attracts the opinion of every viewer.

The height of the sleeping thread






Material yarn weave


Material yarn web


Material cotton yarn

Modal acrylic

Background color



1.5*1, 2.25*1.5, 2*1, 2*3, 3.5*2.5, 4*3

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