Machine Made Carpet Teana Collection Code 3057 Silver


Teana collection replaces classic carpets in the modern world

Product story
This collection is created by carrying out research in the retro and decorative world of domestic and foreign markets in 2021. In the Teana collection, micro acrylic and modal yarns are combined in a mixture of traditional and new designs. This product adds a new dimension to the decorative world and becomes a unique alternative to classic carpets in modern homes with classic and special furniture by application of a neutral color combination of classic carpets. This collection suits well in any space and illustrate a new expression to the home.

Color & Design
The combination of neo-classical and traditional designs with the approach of mixing classic design with modern dyeing leads its sitting on the soul of each viewer of this carpet with its special color palettes derived from the hearts of our skilled and creative designers. With the Teana collection in your home, you can see spring flowers with a special combination in your home.

Teana collection roadmap
The Teana collection deriving from traditional designs in new style attempts to replace the average classic carpets that is favored by the majority of the society. Teana’s designs decorate any home with their living spirit.

The height of the sleeping thread






Material cotton yarn

Bamboo acrylic

Background color



2.25*1.5, 2*3, 4*3

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