Machine Made Carpet Monaco Collection Code 1043 Yellow Cream


Monaco collection is a new step to enter the decorative world

Product story
This collection is created by field research in domestic and foreign markets in 2020. This modern collection is a combination of acrylic and bamboo and was first introduced in Tehran carpet exhibition. Monaco collection is mostly favorable in modern and decorative designs which are simply coordinated with the environment and decoration and are extremely delicate compared to similar products in the market.

Color & Design
The designing style of this collection is derived from symmetrical geometric designs and the color palette with a special and neutral color spectrum, mainly favored by European and the Caspian sea coast countries is applied in this collection. With the Monaco collection, you can experience a different world of order and arrangement of colors and patterns with promising softness and warmth.

Monaco collection roadmap
Monaco collection entered the decoration world of domestic and foreign market by changing the designing style to an Iranian style and integration of Iranian art. This collection, with its neutral and attractive color combination, creates harmony and special order in homes.

The height of the sleeping thread






Material yarn weave


Material yarn web

Polyester cotton

Material cotton yarn

Bamboo acrylic

Background color

pea cream




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grade 1

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