Machine Made Carpet Harir Collection Code 5973 Red


Harir collection is a special alternative to handwoven carpets

Product story
Harir collection has become a unique alternative to hand-knotted carpets by preserving tradition and originality of Kerman carpets design and application of the finest weaving machines in the world. This carpet, with its special elegance and softness, revives the feeling of enjoying the ethnic and national culture of Iranian people and resembles a shining jewel in the houses of the customers.

Color & Design
The design style of this collection is derived from the original designs of Kerman and Qom carpets, and the finishing process including fringes, edging, zigzagging, polishing and sheering are completely done by hand resembling this collection as hand-knotted carpets. Walking on Harir collection carpets feels like walking on a field full of spring flowers.

Harir collection road map
Creation of this collection began with basic and field research in the traditional markets of Iran and provision of the best raw materials from India and Austria in 2018. Combining the world’s highest quality botanical silk together with the finest weaving technology and the research, effort, experience and development plans of young experts of Almas Kavir carpet company led to production of Harir collection which is pioneer and unique in its softness, elegance and beauty.



1.20*80, 1.5*1, 2.25*1.5, 3.5*2.5, 3*2, 4*3, 80*50, 90*60

Material yarn weave


Material yarn web


Background color







grade 1

Material cotton yarn


paint to use


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