Machine Made Carpet Atlas Collection Code 5083 Blue


Atlas collection inspired by Safavi architecture

Product story
This collection is created by field research in authentic and traditional bazars, and historical and touristic monuments of the Safavid era in Iran since 2021. This collection is a combination of acrylic and micro modal yarn based on traditional colors, which can cover both retro and traditional styles of carpet production.

Color & Design
This product, with color combination of cream, beige, light blue and blue is adapted from Safavi architecture in a mixture of classical Iranian brickwork and tiling, like Tabriz fluff and silk carpets.

Atlas collection roadmap
The Atlas collection emerged by applying Iranian art aiming to keep the history of Iranian art and culture alive and introducing it in a new style.  This collection seeks to present Iranian customs and culture to the world by using old architectures and authentic Iranian brickwork and tiling.

The height of the sleeping thread






Material yarn weave


Material yarn web


Material cotton yarn

Modal acrylic

Background color

Blue carbon


1.5*1, ۱.5*2.25 oval, 2*1, 2*3, 4*3

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