Machine Made Carpet ANTIQUE Collection Code 5033 Gold


Antique collection is a new season of fluff curls and hand woven silk

Product story
This collection is inspired by contemporary art museums aiming to reach hand-knotted silk carpets while having a deep look at antique and old antique carpets. This collection emerged in the market by the approach of old and antique carpets with retro design style. Walking along the antique carpets instill the sense of passing through history and old memories into the customer.

Color & Design
The application of acrylic and micro-modal yarns in a combination of beige, cream, light blue, blue colors inspired by old designs and antiquated structure has multiplied the beauty of this collection. Presence of this collection at home leads to the breadth of history and culture over time.

Antique collection roadmap
We entered the field of home decoration to revive the authentic Iranian tradition and culture in a new and updated style inspired by hand-knotted silk and fluff carpets invoking the intimacy of homes.

The height of the sleeping thread






Material yarn weave


Material yarn web


Material cotton yarn

Modal acrylic

Background color



1.5*1, 2.25*1.5, 2*3, 3.5*2.5, 3*2, 4*3

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