Machine Made Carpet ANTIQUE Collection Code 2523 Coal Gray


The Elegant collection is a step into the retro world

Product story
This collection is a joint product of Iran and France and is produced using the best acrylic yarn by carrying out research outside Iran and applying international designs. This collection brings a combination of modern and traditional design and is inspired by retro style design.

Color & Design
This carpet also has asymmetric and geometric patterns. The colors of this collection have a neutral background that includes warm and cold colors. You can feel the energy, motivation and the moment with the presence of this carpet in your home.

Elegant collection roadmap
In the Elegant collection, we always try to create a unique international and modern product as the flagship of the modern field by maintaining the originality of the designs and plans, along with the use of the latest innovations in the world, cultural and customs changes.

The height of the sleeping thread






Material yarn weave


Material yarn web

Polyester cotton

Material cotton yarn

Microfiber acrylic


1.5*1, 2.25*1.5, 2*1, 2*3, 3.5*2.5, 3*1, 4*1, 4*3

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